Tuesday, 19 November 2013

First Sketching day - 3rd November

Cover to Cover got to a good start on the first Sunday of November - the sun came out, the location was beautiful and full of people - Newbury's Farmer's market.
There were nine of us to start with, which helps with "security in numbers" and gives more authority to our enterprise.
Initially some were a bit more intimidated by the stoppers by, but we had a great reception from the market people and also from the coffee shop where we descended on mass to have our first coffee of the day.

As usual a few stories came out - I learnt that the people running the vegetable stall were not brothers but "mates". 

I drew the bicycle stall run by Spokes and the lady who runs it kept glancing over at me while I sketched; she was very pleased when she came over to check what I was doing, she commented "people don't sketch very often these days, it is nice seeing you here".

Later on we started to feel the cold and we took refuge back in the café.

At the end there were only  three of us - Pam and Kate in the photo bravely showing their sketches....

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