Monday, 28 October 2013

First Cover to Cover sketching day

3rd November 2013 - 10am to 2pm

Meet for a day sketching in the centre of Newbury.
Meet at the Corn Exchange for coffee and quick chat.
Sketch around Market Square (it is Farmer's market day) and Newbury centre.
Meet up at Victoria Park - by the bandstand at 2pm if you are still around for a group photo.
Remember to bring:
  • your Cover to Cover sketchbook or collect it on the day (by arrangement with Isabel Carmona),
  • your own materials, chair etc for comfortable sketching,
  • any food or refreshments you may want (or there are plenty of cafes around to buy some).
You are welcome to bring friends and family along but each person is responsible for themselves.

Open Studios Facebook page - Event 3rd November

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  1. The CEx opens at 11:00 on a Sunday! So we'll have to decant elsewhere for the first hour ! I'll still be around for 10 though. Isabel