Thursday, 13 February 2014

Roche Court - Sketching visit

The New Art Centre at Roche Court was a great venue for a sketching day.
We did a Group tour with their education department and learned loads of stories about the sculptures. Thank you Emma!

Laura Ford's bronzes have a misterious unsettling quality, The mixture of hyperrealism (finely textured bronze looking like plastic or fabric) and incongruence (friendly animals with children legs), makes a big impact.
 One of my favourites was also the carved stone plaque by the House of an Artist, sketched below
More sketches here and here

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sketching at Douai Abbey

Sketching at Douai Abbey was fantastic. The space is magnificent and at one point the organist started practicing, filling the space with music. Magical.
The image below is a composite of the work of a few of us who went to Douai Abbey. it includes work by Hillary Arnold-Baker, Jane Vaidya, Chrys Healy, Pearl Hailstone and Isabel Carmona Andreu.