Friday, 1 April 2016

2016 Cover to Cover - sketchbook exchange and more

In 2016 we have asked the artists to do more.. than the normal sketchbook exchange.
First they made the book, a concertina book of 24 double pages of various papers that could take a different range of media. Then they worked in groups of six artists.
Thirty six Open Studios artists have taken part in this years project divided into six groups : Scale, Materials, Texture, Local History, West Berkshire places and Colour.
Each group had an overarching theme and explored it in six different ways. For instance the group that did Colour looked into primaries, contrast, white, muted colours, value and favourites. 
As well as changing sketchbooks every three weeks, each groups had to design a poster that would summarise the essence of their theme. And they will print a silkscreen 25 copy series of their poster. A few copies of each poster will be available for sale during Open Studios to cover our costs and raise funds for next year's project.
The sketchbooks and posters will be on display at the West Berkshire Museum during May 2016 for visitors to peruse and indulge in the creativity of the artists and the different ways that they have explored a given theme. Each book is different and they eventually go back to the artist that started them.
Above some of the photographs of the sketchbooks work and below some of the first of the posters.

To experience the books in full glory the best would be to go to the Museum in Newbury and see them for yourself.  It is open Wednesdays to Sunday from 10 am to 4pm .

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The books are back!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting the artists sketchbooks back so that I can start preparing our Cover to Cover 2015 publication. This book of books will collect all the themes from the participating artists and the interpretation of those themes by some of the artists that took them on board.

I feel humbled and amazed at the amount of creativity and experimentation that has taken place and feel just slightly daunted by the task ahead of choosing the images for the publication.

Thank you to all the artists for taking the challenge of this sketchbook exchange that has kept you busy (on top of your normal workload) for the past five months. My most sincere congratulations for achieving something so special.

I recomend a visit to West Berkshire Museum this May during Open Studios to see the Cover to Cover 2015 exhibition of all the original books.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

February exchange

We have just done the first sketchbook exchange in February and are over half way on this year's project.
It is very exciting to see others people's take on your theme and how themes you thought difficult actually challenge you and make you think, provoking an unexpected reaction in you.
Other themes you thought "that's easy " but in the end you are not too happy with the result.
The photo is from group 4 and themes include "water", "human impact" "landscape" "quotations" "hedgerow hodgepodge" and "who are you?"

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

More themes and contributions to C2C15

We had a exchange of books recently and have contributions from some new Open Studios members : Dan Obrien introduces himself, Nuala Whales loves landscapes and Walter Koch's theme quotations is tackled by Helen Peake.
Adeliza Mole presents various themes in her very personal style.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Cover to Cover 2015

In 2015, Cover to Cover is a bit different; the 42 participating artists are taking part on a sketchbook exchange that will last five months and will culminate on a joint publication. 
Each participating artist has chosen a theme for their sketchbook and collaborates with other eight to ten artist within their group. There are five groups in total.

After explaining their theme with a few "sketches" (there is no rules as to what constitutes a sketch but an intervention on a page), the artists exchange books with others in their group and work on each others themes, thus, thus, learning from each other and enriching their thought process.

Themes are varied, forty two in total and below you can see some of the artists interventions to date.