Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The books are back!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting the artists sketchbooks back so that I can start preparing our Cover to Cover 2015 publication. This book of books will collect all the themes from the participating artists and the interpretation of those themes by some of the artists that took them on board.

I feel humbled and amazed at the amount of creativity and experimentation that has taken place and feel just slightly daunted by the task ahead of choosing the images for the publication.

Thank you to all the artists for taking the challenge of this sketchbook exchange that has kept you busy (on top of your normal workload) for the past five months. My most sincere congratulations for achieving something so special.

I recomend a visit to West Berkshire Museum this May during Open Studios to see the Cover to Cover 2015 exhibition of all the original books.

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