Saturday, 20 December 2014

Cover to Cover 2015

In 2015, Cover to Cover is a bit different; the 42 participating artists are taking part on a sketchbook exchange that will last five months and will culminate on a joint publication. 
Each participating artist has chosen a theme for their sketchbook and collaborates with other eight to ten artist within their group. There are five groups in total.

After explaining their theme with a few "sketches" (there is no rules as to what constitutes a sketch but an intervention on a page), the artists exchange books with others in their group and work on each others themes, thus, thus, learning from each other and enriching their thought process.

Themes are varied, forty two in total and below you can see some of the artists interventions to date.


  1. Good to see this up, Isabel! There is some fascinating work coming out of this project, and the challenges are most enjoyable.

    My own contributions can be seen here:

    1. Thanks Amanda!, I've put your blog as a blog we follow in this one:) Good to see your work updates!