Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Jane Vaidya's sketching

Hi,  This is Jane Vaidya’s writing.  Here are some current sketches from recent months which are in an on-going sketchbook, and relate directly to my Cover to Cover work.
My sketches, paintings, relate to the big inspiration in my life which is our garden.  The work is frequently seasonal, showing ever changing conditions in nature, particularly at the moment when autumn scythes through the garden creating  glorious colours, and then falling back to the muted shades of winter.
All seasons are fascinating, and winter shows us the bones of the garden and the intricate patterns of branches and twigs laid bare,  highlighted by frosts and sometimes a cold, pure light.

These sketches use pen, pencil, watercolours, collage, for effect and sometimes are further developed and worked up into paintings.

This size of sketchbook which is 21 x 15 cms. is easy to carry around if wanted.  The size I find,  also helps spontaneity, particularly when sketching with watercolours – it is quick to go from one idea to another, and easy to leaf back at previous work.

I hope you find these interesting to look at.

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  1. Jane, love your garden changing seasons and the marks you make in the sketches!